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Powerful AI that delivers business value

Meet Aimie, Sidetrade’s unique Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to the B2B market. The power of Aimie comes from the rich and plentiful business data which Sidetrade collects, highly advanced algorithms and machine learning focused on unlocking value from your customers.

Using neural networks and natural language processing algorithms, Aimie continuously learns from your proprietary data (e.g. marketing automation, CRM and ERP) and from outside sources (e.g. Sidetrade Augmented Cash platform, corporate websites, open datasets) to discover trends and predict customer behavior throughout the sales cycle.

The choice and preparation of data to exploit, and the questions which Aimie must answer are defined in close collaboration with you, the client. Aimie doesn’t replace people; it empowers them. Finance, Sales and Marketing staff trust Aimie to increase their efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

Programmed by Sidetrade engineers and data scientists, Aimie continuously learns alongside you and your staff, bound by four guiding principles:


Decision-making criteria are clearly defined and communicated


Procedures and recommendations must be crystal clear to users


Procedures are frequently reviewed and are applied exactly as described


Data reflects reality; predictive models are constantly tested and improved

Aimie tackles the big business challenges


How can we increase sales to existing customers?

Which customers are at risk of leaving us?

What customer retention strategies are likely to work best for us?

How can we grow customer lifetime value?


How can we improve working capital?

How can we reduce DSO and keep it low?

How can we professionalise our credit management function?

How can we drive a cash culture across the business?


Business leaders trust Aimie

Aimie’s success comes from a clear and unwavering focus on delivering business value from your customers. Aimie reveals the potential of untapped relationships and makes recommendations to help you retain your customers and increase sales to them.

Exploiting the unrivalled data and deep experience of Sidetrade’s professionals, Aimie successfully predicts customer behavior, proposes actions most likely to work and then manages many of the mundane tasks necessary to achieve success.

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