TriFinance and AI firm Sidetrade collaborate to improve efficiency in the order-to-cash process

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Sidetrade, the Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow, and TriFinance Netherlands today announced that they are working together to help CFOs meet the challenge of Accounts Receivable management and cash flow generation.

Financial services consulting firm TriFinance Netherlands has signed a partnership with AI firm Sidetrade. This partnership, which brings together the expertise of TriFinance and Sidetrade’s leading AI Aimie solution, will help companies in the Netherlands better manage the complex order-to-cash process and increasingly challenging customer payment behavior, enabling organisations to focus on productivity and customer satisfaction.

Leon Harinck, business unit financial management services leader at TriFinance Netherlands, said:
While searching for the best credit management software, we identified Sidetrade as the market leader with Aimie, its AI, adjusting credit management workflows in real time depending on the of the size of the team, automating tasks and recommending the best action at the best time. There was also a great cultural fit with strong skill sets and resources, so the collaboration is very pleasant and dynamic.

AI technology transforms businesses, with the rise of automation and predictive analytics on customer behavior. To successfully address escalating sources of customer data and increasing IT system complexity, financial teams need to swiftly evolve their Accounts Receivable management and technologies.

Sunil Pandit, partner and alliance lead at Sidetrade, said:
We are excited to be working with TriFinance Netherlands to offer to their customers ground-breaking credit management technology to make order-to-cash as seamless and effective as possible. The new partnership will enable Dutch companies to accelerate cashflow generation, and to achieve their overall business objectives by predicting customer payment behavior and increasing their productivity.

Located across 6 offices in Europe, Sidetrade has 20 years’ experience in the world of order-to-cash, and uses machine learning, natural language processing, automation, and an unrivalled data lake of 313 million B2B financial transactions worth 950 billion Euros, to deliver measurable results for its clients.