Sidetrade partners with to expand its presence in South America

Sidetrade, the global leader in AI-powered Order-to-Cash solutions, today announces a new commercial partnership with corporate finance consulting firm, This collaboration will strengthen its presence in South America and support the growth of international and South American companies on the continent.

Sidetrade, a leader in Order-to-Cash applications, plays a crucial role for national and multinational companies in over 85 countries. To extend its influence in South America – a region experiencing rapid economic growth – the company has chosen to partner with, a consulting firm specializing in treasury, financing, risk management and financial transformation. has been present on the South American continent since 2009. Headquartered in Uruguay, it covers Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Thanks to the combined expertise of both organizations, local companies will benefit from advanced solutions to optimize their performance in the Order-to-Cash cycle, while multinationals will find two strategic partners capable of supporting them in their financial activities in South America and beyond.

Florent Michel, Managing Partner of, commented: In South America, there are some 900 companies with sales in excess of 500 million dollars, two-thirds of which are located in Brazil and Mexico. At the same time, European and American multinationals are centralizing their financial operations for the South American region through shared service centers in these countries and are often looking for global solutions to collaborate effectively with their headquarters. By working together with Sidetrade and, these companies will secure and accelerate their cash flow generation. This partnership will enable them to benefit from the combined expertise of the two companies to optimize their financial processes and strengthen their position in a booming South American market.

In South America, the automation and digitization of financial processes have experienced very strong growth in recent years and have become a top priority for large enterprises. The region’s cash culture is deeply rooted, driven by periods of high inflation rates and restricted access to bank financing and capital markets. Against this backdrop, companies need to ensure that they have sufficient, stable liquidity to meet their financial obligations and ensure sustained growth. As such, rigorous cash management is essential if they are to prosper in a rapidly changing economic environment.

Jean-Claude Charpenet, VP Sales Director Europe at Sidetrade, commented: Thanks to our support of major companies such as Saint Gobain, Geodis, Veolia, Air Liquide, Edenred, and Sodexo on the South American continent, we have in-depth knowledge of the regional context, as well as the business and technological needs specific to this geography. Companies in South America are prioritizing digital transformation, with initiatives focused on generating and securing cash flow.

Sidetrade’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in O2C solutions makes us extremely confident in our ability to succeed in this dynamic environment and create value, Indeed, our SaaS technology offers the flexibility and adaptability essential to meet the specific needs of every financial department, whether South American or international. The partnership with will enable us to fully seize the opportunities offered by this booming market.

Sidetrade and will initiate a progressive development strategy, first focusing on Brazil and Mexico, where the companies already have many customers, and whose presence of numerous shared service centers offers them considerable opportunities. In a second phase, they plan to extend their reach to Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Peru.