Sidetrade, the Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow, announces analyst coverage initiated by Midcap Partners, a broker specialized in small and midcap investment, with a buy recommendation and a €151 target stock price.

Sidetrade announces expanded coverage of their stock through a support contract with Midcap Partners, a broker and investment bank specialized in small and midcaps. Established in Paris and London, Midcap Partners have the international footprint to strengthen Sidetrade’s visibility, especially with French and British investors.

Charles-Henri Berbain, managing partner and founder of Midcap Partners, had this to say about the deal:

We are delighted to raise Sidetrade’s profile with European, British, and North American investors. Sidetrade is one of the rare SaaS players listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. It has solid growth potential on a booming world market. We have every confidence in the ability of Sidetrade management to go out and conquer.”

The research report, “Sidetrade – Here is the cash” is downloadable at Midcap Partners will publish research notes on Sidetrade, according to the firm’s latest news, and will hold regular meetings with targeted investors.

Sidetrade stock is also covered by the Gilbert Dupont brokerage firm (part of the Société Générale group), who initiated coverage of Sidetrade in July 2009.

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