Sidetrade Mobile: The financial management mobile application

Sales Teams appreciate real-time personal interaction with their customers

Sidetrade Mobile keeps sales teams up to date with their customer accounts at any time while they’re on the go, which means they can:

  • Access financial information for their customers (late payments, outstanding balances, invoices, etc.)
  • Stay connected with all of their commercial and financial contacts
  • Communicate with their contacts directly via the app
  • Create shortcuts to key accounts

Speed up the decision-making process.

Discover Sidetrade Mobile, a new application dedicated to Credit Management, watch now.

Sidetrade Mobile is the mobile app that allows you to access customer contact details, outstanding payment information, and other financial indicators from an Android or iOS smartphone, meaning financial customer relationship management is always at your fingertips.

Managing customer relations is easier than ever for sales teams and credit managers as they can access statements of account at the touch of a button and make informed decisions at any time – no matter where they are.

Download Sidetrade Mobile

Download for free the Sidetrade Mobile application for iOS and Android to fully enjoy the power of the Sidetrade Cloud at any time.

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A virtual office for credit managers

It isn’t just financial directors who have to be flexible in their working arrangements – credit managers also find themselves having to work remotely from time to time, too. And this is exactly why they value the ability to access their customer portfolios and the latest information from their smartphone or tablet while they’re on the move so that they can:

  • Track the performance of cash-flow generation (sales revenue, ageing balances, DSOs, disputes, etc.)
  • Take a close look at account details (outstanding balances, late payments, disputes, risks, etc.) in a matter of seconds
  • Keep an eye on strategic customers

Sidetrade mobile: financial management at your fingertips

Even when they’re on the move, those working in the field or remotely can manage their financial customer relations from an iPhone or iPad thanks to the mobile app.

Sidetrade Mobile is an app provided by Sidetrade Network – the accounts receivable management software. All you have to do is activate the app for instant access to everyone involved in managing a particular customer account.