Sidetrade, the global leader in AI-powered Order-to-Cash solutions, has announced that it has finalized an agreement to acquire the entire business of CreditPoint Software, a leading provider of real time B2B credit risk management solutions.

Two years on from the Amalto takeover, Sidetrade gains a stronger foothold in North America with the acquisition of CreditPoint Software activities.

Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade, said: By acquiring CreditPoint Software, Sidetrade has undoubtedly enhanced its solution for B2B credit risk management and we are in pole position to take advantage of the boom in B2B e-commerce. After placing artificial intelligence at the core of our Collection, Disputes and CashApps solutions, we are now shaping the future of B2B credit risk management together with CreditPoint Software’s teams as we build on the analysis from our Data Lake of over $4.6 billion worth of B2B transactions. Our technological advantage in AI over our competitors will only continue to assert itself and become even more evident. Working in tandem, the talents and technologies of both groups will enable Sidetrade to cement its global leadership position in Order-to-Cash.


Introducing CreditPoint Software and its state-of-the-art platform for instant credit risk management

Founded in 2006 in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, CreditPoint Software is an American software company specializing in comprehensive B2B credit risk management solutions.

Following a decade of substantial R&D investment, CreditPoint Software has developed one of the world-leading cloud-based platforms that leverages real time connection and monitoring for over 20 credit rating agencies worldwide including Dun & BradstreetTM, CreditsafeTM, ExperianTM, EquifaxTM, TransUnionTM as well as S&P and MoodysTM. By standardizing external data from multiple sources within a single repository, CreditPoint Software makes it possible for companies to combine this information with their internal financial and customer data on credit risk exposure. This enables Credit Management teams to automate and streamline decision-making, thanks to the platform’s unlimited configuration options, resulting in the ability to auto decide up to 100% of initial, increase and renewal decisions. The CreditPoint suite of products also includes highly configurable personalized credit application templates.

Supported by customizable business rules and data points, the decision engine within CreditPoint Software secures compliance with internal credit delegations based on delegation of authority. CreditPoint Software also schedules regular reviews of current credit limits for existing clientele, while providing the option for sales teams and organizations to be made aware of credit availability so they may potentially generate additional sales. The end result: selling more to the best customers and pricing risk into the customers that may not be as healthy financially as others.

What’s more, CreditPoint Software’s “Onboarding Credit Application” facilitates the initial process for customers to apply for a credit line, irrespective of whether the B2B purchasing experience is delivered offline or online. In an increasingly digitalized landscape, where digital transformation is key, providing real-time credit approval during the onboarding process of new customers becomes an essential competitive advantage for all businesses.

To date, CreditPoint Software has an active portfolio of around 30 customers in North America and serves multinationals such as Nutrien, BP, Edelman and Caterpillar.

In the fiscal year 2023, CreditPoint Software expects to break even, with revenue topping the $2 million mark.

John C. Powers, CEO of CreditPoint Software, commented:

This deal with Sidetrade is a major step forward in our commitment to providing leading-edge solutions for B2B credit risk management. In today’s uncertain economic environment, companies seek efficient solutions that anticipate risks and automate decisions to secure and increase their revenue streams. By leveraging Sidetrade’s Data Lake with its predictive payment intelligence map of 21 million companies worldwide, we will deploy artificial intelligence in all our decisioning to provide companies with the risk management solution of the future. Propelled by Sidetrade’s sales force and implementation resources, we will further expand this new offering throughout the United States and bring it to the European market for the first time.


Contextualizing CreditPoint Software, the solution designed for the B2B e-commerce boom

While McKinsey & Company estimated that the majority of B2B corporations had next to no e-commerce capabilities at the start of the pandemic, the past two years have seen a rapid trend reversal. In its 2021 B2B Pulse Report, the US consulting firm found that 65% of B2B companies across all sectors offer e-commerce capabilities.

A DHL study also reported that by 2025, 80% of all B2B sales interactions between suppliers and professional buyers will take place digitally, representing a giant and unprecedented leap forward. And in its 2022 report, Statista expects total B2B e-commerce purchases to exceed $4.6 trillion in 2025. Clearly, e-commerce is no longer just a trendy new channel for B2B companies to discover, but instead an essential effective and strategic sales tool.

Compared to B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce places more importance on credit and payment terms. A series of checks must be performed in real time to validate an order. However, managing such procedures instantly requires a step-by-step process. The latter involves identifying the company, integrating external financial data, decision-making and delegating approval based on the total order amount.

Nevertheless, across the globe, very few companies can implement a solution to overcome the limitations of B2B e-commerce and offer a customer experience to match the B2C shopping experience.

The boom in e-commerce has revolutionized sales and consumption patterns. In B2B, the growth of e-commerce requires companies to find the right solution for the right emerging expectation. You need to determine an acceptable payment delay to minimize risk and instantly maximize sales. commented Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade. For B2B companies that want to continue leading the way in their sectors, e-commerce is no longer just a nice to have, but an essential requirement. We will support them by utilizing our teams and the technology of CreditPoint Software. No matter the sector, it is a pressing need.


Focusing on the accretive acquisition of CreditPoint Software asset

This acquisition will be made in cash for an estimated €3 million and paid in part on the signing of the agreement with the rest scheduled for end-2023, which is subject to certain customer renewals. The amount includes an earn out based on the sales achieved by Sidetrade for CreditPoint Software’s solution over the next three years.

Sidetrade is financing the transaction through its cash position, which totaled €36 million (€12 million in treasury shares) as of June 30, 2023.

The transaction is part of the Group’s Fusion 100 strategic plan which targets Annual Recurring Revenue (“ARR”) of $100 million by end-2025. Not only is it a catalyst for Sidetrade’s product strategy, but also its target revenue for North America of close to $14 million in 2023 which will bolster the Group’s presence in the United States.