Consultancy firm The Boss Cat will solve receivables challenges with Sidetrade’s AI technology

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Sidetrade, the Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow, is pleased to announce a new partnership to bring AI to credit management and receivables.

The Boss Cat, Order-to-Cash (O2C) transformation consultants, has signed a new partnership with Sidetrade, an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist, to solve business challenges around accounts receivable using their technology. Nigel Fields FCICM, senior consultant for The Boss Cat, said:
I’ve spent many years working with some major corporations with very complex global structures and various revenue streams. In my quest to seek out the best O2C solution that easily integrates with ERP & accounting systems, generally lacking in O2C functionality. I identified Sidetrade as the best O2C platform available today, with its AI assistant Aimie.

This partnership brings together the expertise of The Boss Cat and Sidetrade’s leading AI solutions, and will help companies to better manage their complex order-to-cash processes.
This intelligence ensures the best collection strategies for securing prompt payment along with the functionality for non-payment issues, risk management, dispute & deductions. It delivers faster cash & reduces risk. It also provides real-time reporting that is incredibly important to the CFO and senior board to make good strategic decisions.
– Nigel Fields FCICM, The Boss Cat

The customer experience will also get a revamp, by providing greater visibility and enhancing query management through configurable automations and workflows, which enable companies to improve revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. Sidetrade feature’s an AI assistant, Aimie, in its O2C platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow.

Sidetrade’s platform allows for teams to easily work remotely or from home ensuring that the workflow continues, and customers are properly serviced without disruption. It’s is a system fit for 2021 and beyond. Sidetrade continues to invest in their product for the benefit of all their clients and this is observed with their long-term relationships and increasing market share.
– Nigel Fields FCICM, The Boss Cat

Sunil Pandit, partner and alliance lead at Sidetrade said: Digitalization and AI technology is transforming business. We all see the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple giving a great customer experience using automation and predictive analytics. We all want to better address our customer’s needs, improve their experience and maximize the cash for our own businesses. Our partnership with The Boss Cat will make a lasting impact for businesses who step ahead with AI for order-to-cash.