Sustainable success for Sidetrade reducing emissions by 5% in 2023

Sidetrade the global leader in AI-powered Order-to-Cash applications, today publishes the results of its 2023 Bilan Carbone®, highlighting a 5% reduction in emissions compared to 2022. This achievement, coupled with global expansion, marks the next phase in its sustainability journey.

Utilizing the certified Bilan Carbone® methodology, Sidetrade analyzed the emissions across its entire operational scope, encompassing France, the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the USA. With a strategy to manage carbon emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3, Sidetrade has focused on responsible purchasing, prudent use of digital technology, sustainable internal practices, and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

With a carbon footprint of 2,170 tons of CO2 equivalent for 2023, Sidetrade reduced its emissions by 5% from 2022. This achievement is particularly notable given the company’s simultaneous 20% revenue growth at constant exchange rates. The positive contrast highlights the effectiveness of Sidetrade’s energy-saving measures, demonstrating its dedication to sustainability alongside financial success.

Sidetrade’s carbon intensity performance not only aligns with the industry standard but also sets a benchmark for excellence, as highlighted in a 2023 comparative study by Eiffel Investment Group based on Ethifinance ESG Ratings data, said Emilie da Silva, Managing Director at Eiffel.This achievement underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility while excelling in a competitive market, proving that sustainability and success can thrive together.

Sidetrade made significant strides by optimizing its IT infrastructure management and reducing server energy consumption, cutting scope 3 emissions to 2,002 tons of CO2 equivalent — a 7% decrease from 2022.

By reducing our carbon footprint by 5% while simultaneously achieving a 20% revenue growth, we’ve demonstrated that environmental and financial performance can go hand in hand. We take an impact-based approach to the development of our AI solutions, designed to minimize our impact on the environment whilst also maximizing value delivered for our customers, said Philippe Gangneux, CFO and CSR Ambassador of Sidetrade. Companies with a commitment to CSR are not only better positioned to meet the ecological expectations of stakeholders but also tend to outperform those that do not prioritize sustainability.

Recognizing that the journey towards a sustainable future is ongoing, Sidetrade remains steadfast in its commitment to controlling emissions, both now and in the future. As the company looks ahead, it continues to focus on scope 3 emissions, aligning its efforts with stakeholders’ ecological expectations and strengthening its dedication to environmental protection.