Sidetrade, the AI-powered Order-to-Cash (O2C) SaaS platform, announces a record surge in bookings in the fourth quarter of 2021, plus annual growth of 16% in SaaS revenue.

Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade commented on the financial update:

Sidetrade has just achieved the best sales quarter in its history, and this is only the beginning. The deals won internationally in the fourth quarter of 2021 – 70% of all bookings – bode well for unprecedented growth in the booming Order-to-Cash market. 2021; the first year of our Fusion100 strategic growth plan, has clearly been a turning point for Sidetrade. We now know that our technology offering is two to three years ahead of our main North American competitors. We have been building up our local teams, and our early successes in North America are proving that we are already ahead of the game. Never in our history have we been so sure of exactly where we stand, and so confident about where we are headed.

Record in 2021 Q4 as bookings surge by 23% on ACV

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Sidetrade set a new record for SaaS bookings, which will generate an additional €1.67m in Annual Recurring Revenue (“ARR”), compared to €1.54m in Q4 2020. The previous record was €1.57m of ARR, set in 2020 Q2. The total value of these new subscription contracts over their initial contract periods (excluding renewals) represents €4.15 million of Total Contract Value (“TCV”).

To these SaaS orders should be added €1.38 million of services on an annual basis (implementation, configuration, training, recurring services, etc.), compared with €0.98 million in Q4 2020.

The annual contract value (ACV) of these bookings is €3.05m in 2021 Q4 vs. €2.52m in 2020 Q4, a 23% increase.

Very strong international momentum: 70% of bookings intake in 2021 Q4

International expansion achieved in 2021 Q4

The fourth quarter of 2021 saw success after success in international sales, representing 70% of all bookings. Sidetrade is scaling up, proving once again that its offer is particularly well-suited to all B2B organizations operating on a global level.

North America already accounts for 24%: €0.41m ARR of the total value of new contracts in 2021 Q4, with substantial worldwide wins, such as Micro Focus carried out in collaboration with the European sales teams; Air Liquide in the U.S. (for E-invoicing), and Linde in Canada. This shows that Sidetrade’s North American recruitment policy is clearly paying off. The company has been able to attract top talent locally and build a salesforce with solid experience in the field of Order-to-Cash. Today, there are a dozen sales, and that number will most likely double in 2022, given the excellent outlook for growth. The aim is for the U.S. to generate over a third of Sidetrade’s worldwide orders by the second half of 2022.

Sidetrade has also performed very well elsewhere in the world, totaling 46% of sales outside of France (€0.77m ARR) in 2021 Q4, with the signature of almost all of Edenred worldwide entities, further expansion of Veolia in Italy, Saverglass in Australia, as well as Finning and Tyréns in the UK.

Overall, international business represented 70% of total bookings intake at the end of 2021 Q4.

In France, business remained strong in the period, accounting for 30% of new bookings (€0.50m of ARR), thanks in part to new deals, such as with the Socotec, and with Société Martiniquaise des Eaux (SME), as well as upsell to key accounts including VISEO (for e-invoicing), NGE, STEF and Saint Gobain Adfors.

Solid and balanced bookings intake in 2021

New subscription contracts in 2021 amounted to €4.75m of ARR against €4.16m in 2020, an increase of 14%. In addition, €3.53m of services were sold (vs; €2,87m in 2020). In total, 2021 bookings reached €8.28m in ACV vs. €7.03m in 2020, an 18% increase.

The mix of new business (42%), cross-sell (30%), and upsell (28%) remains well-balanced, indicative of a high-quality customer portfolio. Moreover, the initial contract period for new customers remains stable at 36.25 months (excluding renewals).

In terms of business development, sector diversification is also under control with ICT and B2B Services accounting for 40% of total annual booking intake, followed by Utilities & Environment and Construction (30%), and Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics (28%).

Strong annual growth in SaaS revenue, up 16%

2021 2020 VARIATION (%)
SaaS Revenue 27.0 23.2 +16%
Revenue 32.6 29.2 +12%
2021 information is from consolidated, unaudited data.


Throughout 2021, SaaS subscription revenue continued to grow significantly at +16%, reaching €27m.

Sidetrade’s SaaS recurring revenue model has once again proven its resilience. For the first time, Sidetrade has achieved 90% recurring revenue for the entire year, one of the highest ratios in the software industry.

This strong progression was supported by solid growth in international markets, which now represent 46% of total revenue, including 15% for North America.

Regarding annual revenue, Sidetrade generated €32.6m in 2021, up 12% against the previous year.

Sidetrade looks ahead to the 2022 business year with confidence and a clear vision. Sidetrade has high expectations, and the means to achieve its ambitions.