2017 First Half-Year Revenue

Significant rise in Revenue over 6-month period: +21%

Olivier Novasque, Founder and CEO of Sidetrade, states:

“This excellent first half-year revenue is the direct result of the impact of the investments we’ve made and is clear evidence of how well-placed is the Group’s strategic positioning within Artificial Intelligence. C-Radar is the third acquisition we’ve made in less than six months, giving us a strong technological head-start in our goal to position Sidetrade as a unique market player in the use of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to customer relationship. In the very near future, the best-performing companies will employ AI on a daily basis to boost sales and accelerate cash-flow generation. We’ll soon democratize the use of AI for all Marketing, Sales and Finance departments.”

The Board is confident of its ability to achieve further growth across 2017.

2017 2016 VARIATION
Q1 REVENUE 5.2 4.3 + 21%
Q2 REVENUE 5.6 4.7 + 20%
H1 REVENUE 10.8 8.9 + 21%

In line with the significant growth seen across recent quarters, Sidetrade Group has achieved a dynamic second quarter 2017, with an 8% sequential growth on first-quarter results.

Across the first six months of 2017, Sidetrade Group recorded consolidated revenue of €10.8m, a 21% increase on the same period in 2016. It represents the highest first half-year figures ever recorded by the Group and a record first-half turnover in excess of €10m.

The turnover period witnessed the addition of prestigious new accounts to the supplier and subscriber base, among them KPMG UK, STEF group-wide, House of HR (Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland), GEFCO across 15 further countries, Cegos France, Akka Technologies, Moreton Smith (UK), Schratter Foods (US), Inchcape Plc, Geodis (Slovakia, Czech Republic), Deloitte Belgium and Selco Business Warehouse…

“We’ll soon democratize the use of AI […]”

In June 2017, Sidetrade Group announced the final acquisition of C-Radar, the French specialist start-up in B2B Predictive Marketing. By exploiting algorithm-driven analysis of 23 million company data signals daily, C-Radar allows Marketing and Sales Departments to better understand their markets and identify relevant leads. The acquisition came a few months in the wake of Sidetrade’s acquisition of BrightTarget and Iko System, two specialist start-ups in Sales and Predictive Marketing, further strengthening Sidetrade’s positioning within Artificial Intelligence for the client-sales cycle.