Secure your Cashflow – Online Discussion and Whisky Tasting!

18 February 17:30 GMT

Is cash important to your business? Join us for a discussion on how SMBs use technology to automate and accelerate their collection process, ensuring they get their cash quickly and reliably.

At the same time you can learn about innovation and tradition in the whisky industry, while tasting some whisky in the comfort of your home or office.

This online event is strictly invitation only for CEOs and senior finance executives of small and mid-sized businesses. It offers the opportunity to discuss important business topics while also providing some much needed, light-hearted relief.


How to turn your credit team into a cashflow machine

As an SMB (small or medium business) cash flow is critical to you. In these uncertain times you need your finance or credit team to make sure you get paid.

On time. In full. Every time.

Too often payments are delayed because of basic invoicing errors, issues with product or service delivery, or process problems. And too often, the first you hear about it is when the payment is already 5 or 10 days late…

Even if you have a slick process in place for invoicing and chasing clients, you probably struggle to get visibility of the process. That makes it hard to have full confidence that you’re going to get the cash you’re owed, week in, week out. But simple, off-the-shelf technology can help automate your collection process, secure your cashflow and give you full visibility and control of the process – at the click of a button.

Join us for a great discussion – over a whisky – on best practice, technology and how others have achieved success in this area.

Sidetrade is a cash provider – we help you automate your cash collection process to drive more cash into the business. We can even automate and outsource the whole operation, delivering you the cash you’re owed. Month after month!

Host: David Turner, Chief Marketing Officer at Sidetrade

Assisted by: Some excellent whisky!



  1. 17h30: Welcome & Introductions
  2. 18h00: How to turn your credit team into a cashflow machine
  3. 18h45: Whisky Tasting Dewars distillery

Virtual Venue

The Aberfeldy Vertical with Dewars distillery

Great for whisky lovers that want a deeper dive into how we do things here at Aberfeldy.

A range tasting through our Aberfeldy distillery, from the 12yr up to our oldest core range bottling, the Aberfeldy 21yr.

Also including our distillery exclusive exceptional cask. A cask strength bottling, at 54.1%abv, finished for 4 years in a sherry cask, only 618 bottles were ever created.


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