Sidetrade supports Nespresso in the pursuit of its customer experience excellence.

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Today, Sidetrade is part of the software that we systematically use with our ERP for each of our subsidiaries, and each person operating in customer relations is provided with the technology.

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Measurable results

on the Sales-to-Cash cycle

“Our teams can act more professionally. We have clear indicators, and we note an improvement in customer satisfaction”


“In the 100 months that AMMANN FRANCE has used SIDETRADE, we’ve experienced a consistent decrease in our DSO.”


“Thanks to Sidetrade solution, we are targeting zero non-payments and a 10% reduction in our DSO.”


“With Sidetrade, H. ESSERS has a target to lower
DSO by five days in three years. We are confident
in this regard …”


“Our 8 managers now have a cohesive, multiservice web based solution. Every day, they address the reports and alerts to other functions affected by customer relations.”


“With Sidetrade, we are going to be able to get a real time view of the customer’s WCR, both at a local and headquarter level…”


“Since implementation, we have been able to absorb the company’s continued growth, quite easily, without the need for additional staff.”


“The shared, real-time visibility of payment behaviour of our customers between Collections and the rest of our network…”


“Customer financial relationship is a vital element of our business. We required a solution to help us…”


“In a multi-sites context, users have access to the Sidetrade platform as per their profile…


“The salary of our cash collectors and our sales representatives will be indexed on the reduction of payment delays…”


“The economic crisis radically changed relationships with customers and suppliers, with even more pressure on cash…”


“Sidetrade supports Nespresso in the pursuit of its customer experience excellence.”


“The high level of skills and expertise of the Sidetrade team was a decisive factor in our choice.”

Depuis le déploiement, nous avons pu absorber la croissance continue de notre entreprise, plutôt facilement, et sans personnel supplémentaire.

“In less than 3 months, late payments have been lowered by 1 day for the Delivery Division, representing a cash gain of millions of Euros….”

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“Working directly with 18,000 pharmacies,
we issue almost 400,000 invoices per year…”


“Motivated by ambitious growth targets including the objective to double our turnover right from the next year, the reorganisation of our customer database…”


“The SPi gives us a predictive payment score at the individual customer level.”

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“In addition to the need to reduce our DSO it is now essential for finance departments to develop a cross-disciplinary approach by instilling a cash culture within the sales teams.


“DSO reduced by 4 days, representing €360,000 in cash. That’s a lot!”


“The success of this project was immediate. Network Sidetrade won the support of all users.”


“Sidetrade’s expertise was decisive in our choice. Besides, Sidetrade was able to adapt itself to the Safran Group’s safety constraints,…”


“Using a collaborative information system is a major factor for success, which largely explains why our associates are invested in the process…”


They trust Sidetrade

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