Sidetrade wins global contract with a world leader in manufacturing

Sidetrade, the global leader in AI-powered Order-to-Cash solutions, announces that it has signed a global contract with BIC, a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers, to deploy its cutting-edge platform in the United States and Europe.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, choosing the right partner for global processes is paramount. For BIC, a multinational corporation renowned for its stationery, lighter, and razor products sold in more than 160 countries, the drive to optimize its Order-to-Cash (O2C) cycle and reduce payment delays led to the decision to select Sidetrade.

Facilitating BIC’s O2C transformation

Powering BIC’s O2C transformation are an array of Sidetrade’s collections and dispute management offerings, as well as its new Cash App to automate the reconciliation of customers’ banked payments with open invoices. Sidetrade was selected for its impressive specialization in shared service centers worldwide, profound expertise in this domain, and analytical capabilities which aligned with BIC’s objective to further extend data-driven decision-making across its commercial operations.

Eric Balay, Vice President, Group Commercial Finance at BIC commented: Sidetrade’s global presence and ability to deliver tailored solutions at a regional level offers significant benefits for our business. As well, their expert data analysis will provide us with insightful and actionable insights as we continue to optimize our customer service capabilities.

The global reach factor

This new customer acquisition is the latest in a series of global contracts secured by Sidetrade in 2023, highlighting the continued significance of its expanded worldwide presence. Sidetrade maintains a distinct advantage in catering to the varied requirements of international companies, offering tailored assistance and swift regional and local responsiveness.

In addition, Sidetrade’s renowned reputation for delivering Customer Success excellence, backed by seasoned O2C experts, played a pivotal role in BIC’s decision. Sidetrade’s customer-centric approach offers complimentary expertise to every single customer to maximize their value and results.

Timothy Ray, North America Area VP Sales at Sidetrade, commented: As Sidetrade assumes the role of BIC’s global Order-to-Cash supplier, our commitment is clear: to strengthen their global expansion while cultivating heightened collaboration and enhancing efficiency, transparency, and data- driven insights.

The selection of Sidetrade’s Cash App stands as a testament to our innovation in AI and predictive analytics. The partnership with BIC is exciting and showcases Sidetrade’s collaboration with global enterprise organizations seeking the versatility of adaptable O2C solutions.

BIC joins the ranks of international players in the manufacturing sector who already rely on Sidetrade to optimize the full O2C lifecycle and provide continuous improvements to their O2C efficiency.