Sidetrade, the artificial intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow, ranks for the first time in the “Major Players” category of IDC’s assessment of vendors on the Order-to-Cash market.

In the recent release of their MarketScape dedicated to Order-to-Cash, research group IDC positioned Sidetrade as a “major player” among vendors of “Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Accounts Receivable Automation Applications”. Two assets in particular enabled Sidetrade to earn this distinction:

  • Sidetrade’s international footprint

    Sidetrade solutions are already used in eighty countries. Unlike most of their competitors, who concentrate essentially on North America, Sidetrade has shown their capacity to effectively roll out their AI technology in different countries at the same time for complex multinational organizations.

  • Sidetrade’s exclusive, highly advanced AI technology

    Using self-learning and a database representing €124bn in B2B transactions, Sidetrade’s AI system called Aimie can-

    • automate the Order-to-Cash-process
    • speed up resolution of customer disputes
    • recommend custom actions to follow up on late payment

According to IDC, Sidetrade’s main challenge remains educating the market on their advanced technologies, while many finance directors are still working with old-fashioned spreadsheets. IDC concludes by saying: Consider Sidetrade when you are looking for a software provider that specializes in AI technology and has a global footprint, or when cash collection, dispute resolution and bad debt improvements are primary business focuses.

In a press release referring to the IDC study, brokerage firm Midcap Partners welcomed the fact that IDC’s analysis concurs with their assessment of Sidetrade’s potential, their BUY rating and TP of €151.

Sidetrade appears as a first-rate international and innovative player with a strong positioning in what constitutes the heart of the Order-to-Cash market (cash collection, dispute management, etc.). This reinforces our vision of a group that is extremely well positioned to take advantage of a rapidly developing market. The current crisis has served as a reminder of how essential cash management is. The professionalisation of the financial management of Accounts Receivable is under way and promises many years of growth for the market’s players. – Midcap Partners