AI-firm Sidetrade expands its partnership network with consultancy firm Proservartner

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Sidetrade, the Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow, is delighted to welcome Proservartner into the Sidetrade partner network.

Proservartner, an international consulting firm, and Sidetrade, an artificial intelligence specialist on the Order-to-Cash, announce a new partnership.

In these challenging times, the ability to collect debt efficiently and effectively is more important than ever before. We are excited to be working with Sidetrade to transform the Order-to-Cash end to end process, and leverage Aimie -their AI tool that enables prioritisation of debt collection, and automation of collector actions- to drive better outcomes for global multinational businesses.
– Rakesh Sangani, Proservartner founder and Chief Executive

This partnership will allow Proservartner to leverage Sidetrade’s AI technology to expand its footprint on automation, shared services and outsourcing models, and improves processes, systems and data quality

Aimie fits perfectly into our Hyperautomation ecosystem, and with 33 new project wins in the last quarter, we certainly see a demand for finance leaders to drive more automation to improve DSO, quality and cost efficiency.
– Rakesh Sangani, Proservartner founder and Chief Executive

Proservartner is very well positioned to help companies drive further operational efficiencies through their order-to-cash-cycle by working with Sidetrade. Their hyperautomation practice helps organisations understand how best to leverage RPA, Intelligent OCR, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to generate the right process outcome.

Proservartner has a very complimentary solution stack, one that accelerates the drive to more automation and removal of repetitive, manual time-consuming tasks. Rakesh and his team really understand the benefits of automation, particularly within the Shared Services Center environment, one that they are very active in and already working closely with Sidetrade one to bring greater cash and efficiency to those SSC’s that are looking for the next level of operational improvement.
– Sunil Pandit, partner and alliance lead manager at Sidetrade