Ultimate Guide: Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing

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How to improve Sales and Marketing Performance using Artificial Intelligence

Get the ultimate guide to Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing: everything marketers need to know in one place.

Predictive analytics gives you the power to automate your marketing responses to any customer scenario.Fill out the form and find tips and best practices to begin your Predictive Sales & Marketing journey:

  • How predictive analytics works
  • Common predictive use cases
  • What should be done in-house
  • What value is hidden in your Marketing Automation and CRM data
  • Why Predictive Sales & Marketing is now a must-have

Given this new landscape, many top modern marketers are looking for more intelligent and data-driven ways of engaging with customers and potential buyers, as well as ways of increasing their revenue in a data-driven approach. Predictive Sales & Marketing works by taking all of the available data about an organization and the lead-level information about the people you actually engage with to advise you on: who to target; what proposition to offer, and when to target them.

Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing

Artificial intelligence represents a vital opportunity to break new ground. You may have already implemented Marketing Automation to streamline and improve your marketing process. However, the actions marketers can take on marketing automation data are purely reactive: you learn something about a customer or prospect, which you can then take action upon.

Internet giants like Google and Amazon have already proven the value of artificial intelligence over the past 15+ years. Now this technology is available without the need for a team of Data Scientists – and with an immediate ROI.

This is the first time in many years that an advanced technology solution provides the insights necessary for us to really focus our marketing initiatives. Sunny Bath, Head of Technology, Euromoney institutional investor PLC

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