AI used for Customer Data in Finance Departments

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AI used for Customer Data in Finance Departments:

How to leverage the customer data sphere for Finance departments

Get the essential guide to B2B Predictive Finance: everything you need to know on Artificial Intelligence in one place.

“How to leverage the Customer Data-Sphere and boost your Finance Department” gives you the keys to fully exploit the potential of your customer data:

  • Who can benefit from Artificial Intelligence?
  • How does Artificial Intelligence work ?
  • The value of the Data-Sphere
  • 4 Steps to Predictive Finance

The Value of AI Data

Finance Departments, take control of your customers! Use artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to make the best of your customer data.

Machine Learning algorithms exploit internal and external data to identify new prospects, scored by similarity with the ideal customer profile and according to their purchase likelihood. By analyzing the constantly evolving scores of prospects and customers, companies can adapt their communication, following the interest level and the detected priority. Artificial intelligence provides new levers to decision-makers and empowers them to focus on operational tasks and grow business.

Who can benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Predictive model accuracy is generally only as good as the data made available to a model. External data (including signals from hundreds of different external & public sources) make predictions far superior.
  2. Artificial intelligence platforms offer a full suite of predictive capability that is configurable to your business.
  3. Speed of deployment is often weeks vs. months (or years), offering immediate ROI.
  4. Significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Cloud vendors include data crunching, hosting, hardware, software, support and ongoing predictive model performance monitoring all as part of the monthly fee.
  5. Often in-house Data Science teams can be repurposed onto new value generating tasks, rather than customer-focused predictive (which can now be achieved out-ofthe-box).
  6. Choose a vendor with pre-built connectors to your existing cloud tools – this will make integration and deployment a breeze.

Discover how AI can deliver valuable benefits and insights for customer data within your finance department, visit our page here.

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