On-demand Webinar: Create a Cash Culture by Targeting Success

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Create a Cash Culture by Targeting Success

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Remote working is the new normal – but how do you motivate your cash collectors away from the office environment? In these challenging times, businesses need to collect more cash, faster, in order to stay afloat and profitable.

Watch the webinar on-demand to discover ways to focus your remote accounts receivable team even when the pressure’s on.

In this Cash Culture webinar we cover:

  1. Customer relationships
  2. Internal colleague support and job satisfaction
  3. How does technology help reinforce a Cash Culture
  4. Progress dashboards to zone in on goals and measuring performance to hit targets
  5. Real-time tracking of tasks
  6. Payment Plans for customers during a pandemic such as Covid-19

Solution Experts:

Naomi Smith and Matthew Hill

Our Solution Consultants will be demonstrating the Augmented Cash solution and the Cash Target dashboard.

Watch on-demand now