Sidetrade and Solocal sign AI partnership deal

Using AI to boost operating efficiency

Launched in 2017, Solocal’s transformation project named Solocal2020 represents a new ambition: become a champion of digital in France.

To achieve this transformation, our priority was to invest in operational projects with high added value, based on structured, optimized and automated processes, and a client-driven approach “ , explains Eric Boustouller, CEO of Solocal. “With this partnership, our Finance Department shows their determination to make full use of today’s latest technologies, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Given how essential it is to effectively manage financial relations with clients, we must boost the operational efficiency of our teams, who have immense volumes of data to manage. It is in this context that we have chosen Sidetrade to support us with this transformation.”

A partnership to release more cash flow

Solocal, the French leader in digital advertising and marketing, is mature in terms of managing account receivables. Today, they are undertaking new strategic challenges in Finance. Their mission is twofold: digitalize, optimize and fluidify financial relations with 399,000 clients; and bolster cooperation between Finance and other departments in the company to improve management of claims and disputes.

With Sidetrade, we get proven, robust AI technology, which boosts our productivity and enhances the client experience.” , says Olivier Regnard, Chief Finance Officer of Solocal. “The partnership with Sidetrade should enable us to improve our recovery, reduce the amount of arrears, and digitalize the customer journey up to payment.”

We are proud to support Solocal’s new management team with this ambitious transformation program. Through this partnership, we are contributing to bringing teams together on a project of growth”, said Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade.

Aimie accelerates team performance

Sidetrade’s AI Financials solution provides a shared 360° view of the customer, ensuring smooth collaboration amongst the different teams involved in the order-to-cash process. Aimie, Sidetrade’s Artificial Intelligence platform, analyzes over 313 million payment experiences stored in its cloud, and automatically recommends the best strategies for managing late payers. Each day, Aimie automatically prioritizes practical account follow-up actions for teams, specifying the best time and the best channel to contact the customer.

On average, Aimie’s recommendations are 53% more effective at getting payment within five days, vs. conventional choices made by humans. Additionally, Aimie cuts useless tasks which waste the collection team’s time, by up to 51%. This huge gain in productivity enables the team to focus on added value through greater contact time with customers.