Digital Case – the Customer Dispute Management System

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Digital Case – accelerate the resolution of customer disputes


Deliver great customer service and boost loyalty and retention with Digital Case. Discover more on the Digital Case page here.

Sidetrade Digital Case, powered by Aimie, simplifies interactions with your customers to better manage collection disputes. Integrated with Sidetrade Augmented Cash, it gives your cash collectors a single system to effectively orchestrate and collaborate on dispute resolution with all relevant stakeholders across the business.

Delivering a great customer experience is key to long-term success for your business. DigitalCase, Sidetrade’s dispute management solution for improved case management, can help you quickly tackle disputes, improve time-to-resolution, and form long-lasting customer relationships while boosting overall engagement.

Digital Case enables you to increase productivity of customer call handlers, optimize the end-to-end dispute process from registration right through to resolution, and improve the way you monitor and track case drivers and customer retention impacts. It enables all stakeholders to collaborate in finding a solution to the dispute, and settling the case as soon as possible.

Digital Case can auto-assign customer claims to the correct person or team, automatically categorize and prioritize cases, and consolidate all the relevant information that the call handler needs to work on the case successfully.

Digital Case is part of Sidetrade Augmented Cash, our complementary solution focusing on the order-to-cash cycle, ensuring that the whole customer lifecycle is covered to the point that cash is received from the customer.