2016 First-Half Revenue

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Q2 Revenue growth: +14%

Quarterly double-digit growth for the sixth time in a row

Inter-company credit in the era of predictive analysis

Half-Yearly Revenue growth: + 14%

2016 2015 VARIATION
Q1 REVENUE 4.3 3.8 + 14%
Q2 REVENUE 4.7 4.1 + 14%
H1 REVENUE 8.9 7.9 + 14%

Following a solid start to the year, Sidetrade Group posted a strong Q2 2016, achieving the sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.

Sidetrade Group posted consolidated revenue of €8.9m in H1 2016, representing year-on-year growth of 14%.

The major commercial successes and new customers in production over the period include: Axway (United States, France), Carrefour Property, Docapost (La Poste Group digital subsidiary), GeodisBM Romania, Intersport, PageGroup (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Saint Gobain Abrasives (South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, United Arab Emirates, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey), Talend (United States, France, United Kingdom), Univar (Greece, Italy, Turkey), XPO Logistics (Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg).

Inter-company credit in the era of predictive analysis

As a result of the digitisation of financial processes, customers disclose a large amount of information in the course of their financial dealings with suppliers. With over 230 million payment experiences recorded in its Cloud over the past 3 years, Sidetrade is expanding its offering which was previously focussed on the operational excellence of the “Sales-to-Cash” cycle, with an approach based on predictive analysis. One of the main challenges facing the Sidetrade Data Scientists was making sense of millions of data items, identifying predictive models associated with inter-company flows and developing Machine Learning algorithms that learn every day on the basis of the payment behaviour of millions of companies.

Moving from research and experimentation phase, this new offering called SPi solution (Sidetrade Payment Intelligence) will be officially launched in the second half of 2016. Unique in the inter-company credit market, this solution will provide predictive payment terms for 2.2 million companies. Each score is a combination of payment terms granted and the predictive late payment. Finance Departments will now have a basis of comparison between their performance and the SPi. This predictive analysis may be applied to a customer, a basket of customers or at company level. SPi solution makes it possible to identify potential sources of cash and to make commercial efforts to reduce the terms granted or to deal with abnormally high delays compared with the SPi. Payment delays, often seen as inevitable by companies and the subject of much frustration between the finance and sales teams, become an objective part of customer knowledge and of its competitiveness.

Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade, explains:

“One of our priorities is to develop high value-added solutions throughout the Sales-to-Cash cycle that make it possible to quickly and accurately analyse the performance of its customer relationship. After being one of the pioneers of the Cloud in the early 2000s, Sidetrade is now ideally positioned to bring its customers major advances in the field of predictive analysis applied to customer relationship management. With SPi solution, we will launch a defining major innovation in the inter-company credit market. For the first time, our customers will have an objective measure of their performance on the management of payment terms and will have unique insights into the behaviour of their customers with other suppliers in general. Through the predictive analysis of payment behaviour, we will enable our customers to add objectivity to their commercial negotiations and to identify unexpected sources of cash.”

Management is confident of the Group’s ability to post overall growth in full-year 2016.