Recommend the Best Collection Actions at the Right Time with our Leading Cash Collection Software

Sidetrade Augmented Collection, powered by Aimie, allows you to automate your cash collection process and delivers actionable insights so you can be 50% more efficient.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Aimie analyzes your invoices, successful dunning actions, and your customer payment patterns along with insights from 230+ million payment behaviors and 40+ million dunning actions held within the Sidetrade database. Based on this learning, Aimie recommends the best collection approaches to your team, taking into consideration your available resources and those actions with the highest probability of success.

Aimie empowers your cash collectors by automating as many actions as possible, enabling them to focus on tasks that add the greatest value. Augmented Collection represents a new era in collections, replacing traditional workflows with data-driven actions derived from predictive analytics. This drives a level of automation that finance teams have struggled to achieve until now.

Collect Cash Faster

  • Deploy the best collection actions to generate cash
  • Increase the efficiency of your cash collector team by more than 50% with focused actions that are most likely to succeed
  • Free your agents to focus on higher value activities by automating manual tasks
  • Prioritize the right accounts that are most likely to respond to collection actions

Do you have too many dunning actions to execute for the size of your collection team?

Does your team waste effort through poor prioritization of accounts and/or poorly timed dunning actions?

How can your team execute more efficient dunning actions that take into account actual payment behavior?

Aimie actions are 1.5 X more successful than human

Features of Sidetrade Augmented Collection

Predict Payment Behavior

Aimie analyzes a large and complex dataset unique to Sidetrade. This data includes your invoices, successful dunning actions, and customer payment trends, along with insights from 230+ million payment behaviors and 40+ million collection actions from the Sidetrade database. Aimie also considers benchmarks from the Sidetrade Payment Intelligence (SPi) and Sidetrade Disputes Intelligence (SDi). It is this unrivalled dataset and level of intelligence that allows Aimie to deliver such unrivalled predictions and sophisticated automation.

Recommend the Best Dunning Strategies

Aimie learns from your customers’ payment patterns in order to select the best actions and best accounts to focus cash collection efforts. To give you confidence in the system’s recommendations, Aimie will monitor success rates and compare effectiveness of her suggestions vs unaided cash collector actions.

Automate Manual Tasks

Aimie helps your cash collector team plan their days for maximum efficiency through a daily dashboard that centralizes all of the suggested activities for your collectors. The recommendations also consider your available resources on a given day. Aimie can also automate more manual tasks, freeing your agents to focus on higher value activities.

Automate Email Sorting

Aimie automatically reads and understands your inbound emails. Messages are assigned to the right cash collector based on natural language processing (NLP) that enables Aimie to understand the content. Invoice qualification and customer communication can all be managed from a single point of access.

Mobile App Access

Sidetrade Augmented Cash is available in a mobile application to give your finance and sales teams access to critical customer information on the go, including late payments, outstanding balances, and invoices. The app keeps you connected with customers and other departments to speed up decision making and to monitor customer activities. This means financial details are always at your fingertips through your mobile devices. The Sidetrade mobile app is available for Android or iOS devices.


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