Accounts Receivable analytics software

Sidetrade Analytics is data analytics software that provides valuable insights to help manage your receivables by analyzing customer sales and financial data in a single system. Integrated with Sidetrade Augmented Cash, Analytics Insights provides packaged reports, while Analytics Discovery gives you the flexibility to create customizable reports. This means better insight into your accounts receivable with details on late payments and changes in payment behavior.

Built on technology from industry leader Tableau Software, Analytics allows you to visualize key accounts receivable indicators such as ageing balances and proactively take corrective action. An instant view of customer portfolio performance is available at the touch of a button, which you can display by region, division, or alternative category of choice.

Uncover Patterns to Protect and Grow Cash

  • Identify cash opportunities from real-time dashboards
  • Take action sooner on potential issues in your order-to-cash chain
  • Use key indicators to prioritize actions to generate additional cash
  • Easily share performance and key indicators across departments

Do you have an overall picture of your dunning and claims management processing?

Can you anticipate activities and customer payment behavior trends?

Do your support teams struggle to efficiently prioritize their workload?


Analytics Insights packaged reports


Analytics Discovery customizable reports

Features of Sidetrade Analytics

Gain a Complete View with Analytics Insights

Analytics Insights gives you prebuilt reports to visualize key indicators from your customer sales and financial data so you can best manage your accounts receivable. Standard reports provide insights into key metrics, such as ageing balances, invoice status, DSO, and total outstanding with the capability to drill deeper into any metric.

Build Your Own Dashboards with Analytics Discovery

Analytics Discovery allows you to create your own reports based on your most important accounts receivable performance indicators with more than 100 custom filters, including companies, items, entities, outstanding balances, and unreconciled payments. Insights can easily be shared across the organization with relevant departments.

Manage Resource Allocation

Analytics provides insights to focus your collections team on cash potential and measure team productivity. Reports shows analysis of completed actions by each member of your team, the cash generated from the actions, and trends over time. Analytics provides additional insight from the reporting available in Digital Case to allow you to measure team and individual performance.

Powered by Tableau Software

Analytics is based on industry leading technology from Tableau. Sidetrade uniquely integrates Tableau capabilities in a software-as-a-service model to give powerful data-driven insights into your accounts receivable process. As a leading provider of business intelligence tools, Tableau helps companies to quickly analyze, visualize and share information.


Analytics Insights Report: SideGroups


Analytics Insights Report: KPI History


Analytics Insights Report: Footprint

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