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‘Show me the Money!’ – Sidetrade’s new release improves visibility of your cash collection trends!

The phrase ‘Show me the money’, made famous in the 1996 hit movie ‘Jerry Maguire’, could be the mantra for credit managers and cash collectors worldwide. At Sidetrade, one of the key benefits that our credit management solutions AugmentedCash delivers to companies is total visibility across the order to cash process, and particularly around cash collection trends.

The latest release of AugmentedCash (formerly known as Sidetrade Financials) is now live. It delivers significant updates to the look and feel of the system, which aim to improve usability and make the KPIs and data for useful to finance users.

In addition to the new name and updated Sidetrade logo, we have given the main homepage a facelift, making it even easier to view and understand the data presented. This page serves as the key dashboard for credit managers and CFOs to monitor the performance of the cash collection team, see how days sales outstanding (DSO) are trending, check the progress of customer disputes and keep track of other key performance indicators (KPIs).

The design has been refreshed, and while the functional cover remains the same, the following key enhancements should improve the user experience:

  • View

    DSO history from the past 13 months instead of just 12, for easier comparison from one year to another

  • Zoom

    on a specific KPI, by clicking on the legend

  • Graph visibility

    All values of the selected month are now visible in the graph tooltip at one glance

  • Clearer visualisation

    We’ve introduced larger charts to make data visualisation clearer and easier to read

  • Update

    We’ve updated the colour scheme to reflect Sidetrade’s new brand identity

 Sidetrade AugmentedCash screen

Sidetrade AugmentedCash is an AI-driven SaaS accounts receivable software solution that improves your performance by benchmarking customer payment behaviour, identifying untapped cash opportunities, and recommending the best actions for your collection team.

About Sidetrade

Our mission is to help organisations unlock customer value. Sidetrade provides the best AI technologies to drive the customer relationship, grow the business and generate cash flow.

To find out more, visit www.sidetrade.com. For current customers looking for support, you can get in touch by phone on +44(0) 203 608 8797 or by email at support@sidetrade.com.

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