About Sidetrade

When it comes to solutions for managing customer relationships, Sidetrade is a real SaaS pioneer. With its combination of Sidetrade Network cloud technology, expert resources and best practices in credit management, you know you can count on real added value.


The unique value of Sidetrade's SaaS offering

Sidetrade's market-leading software in Credit Management, complementary to ERPs, meets the challenges of securing its accounts receivable by reducing late payments and controlling customer risk. The return on investment is recorded the first 12 months. The enterprises win 6-day in their Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) during the first 12 months and increase 31% of productivity in their collection teams.

Sidetrade regularly analyses customer achievement data in order to provide tailored action plans.

When technology is combined with expertise and a commitment to continuously improve, lasting performance is achieved.



Improving efficiency, performance and results

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Providing professional advice and support

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Offering great opportunities for ambitious and passionate people

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Driving succes and innovation

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The AFDEL is an association of Software Editors and Internet Companies whose mission is to be the voice of the digital industry in France. The AFDEL counts 350 members across France with a global turnover of €8 billion including multinational companies, SME and Start ups.


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The AFDCC is the largest professional association of Credit Management in France. Its network is constituted by a 1000 corporate members from SME to multinational companies across all industries and all regions.


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THE DFCG is a French professional association for Financial Directors and Financial Controllers. The DFCG gathers 3200 members from all sizes companies, from SME to international corporates, across all sectors and geographic regions of France.


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The Irish Institute of Credit Management (IICM) was established in 1971 and is the largest credit management institute in Ireland. Our mission is to raise the status of the profession of Credit Management to a level where membership of the Institute, and appropriate qualifications, are recognised by the business community in Ireland as essential prerequisites for positions in Credit Management. The IICM works towards being recognised by the media, government and corporate bodies in Ireland as the primary source of information and views on Credit Management.


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The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) is Europe’s largest professional association for the credit community. Formed over 75 years ago, the Institute was granted its Royal Charter in 2014. The trusted leader in expertise for all credit and collections matters, it represents the profession across trade, consumer and international credit, and all credit-related services.


SME Accelerator

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"We are proud to be among the sixty eight selected intermediate-sized enterprises which play a fundamental role in the economic performance of the country.
SME Accelerator dovetails perfectly with our Target25 development strategy."

Oliver Novasque
CEO Sidetrade Group

Championed by Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, this initiative partners with SME business leaders, to grow their companies into intermediate-sized enterprises. 
Up to 61% of funding will be provided by the French State delivered through Bpifrance.